Einander zuhören – Stadt-(Ge)Schichten

Listening to each other - Layers of narratives

Einander zuhören – Stadt-(Ge)Schichten is a project that invites artists, researchers and students to examin the relation between city residents and their urban environment. The ongoing project is being developed together with Goethe-Institut Athens and Fonés in in the frame of a locative media project with noTours and a sound cartography of Athens, creating interactive and site specific sound-narratives for a series of sound walks in the city.

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Athens soundwalk area

Monday 8 April 2013, by noTours team

During the initial workshops with the students of Athens School of Arts, the participants have been choosing different interesting areas of the city to work with noTours. Unfortunately some of them where too far away for the final soundwalk because all areas must be within walking distance of Goethe Institut, where people will get the smartphones to enjoy the experience once the project is finished.

After walking the city during the last week, we have decided to restrict the area of the soundwalk to the surroundings of the path drawn in the map below. This area is nice, includes most of the places suggested by the students and following the path from Goethe, to Aeropagus and back to Goethe through Monasteraki would take approximately 50 minutes.

You can also have a look on a picture showing how the final soundwalk should look in noTours editor.

JPEG - 375.3 kb