Einander zuhören – Stadt-(Ge)Schichten

Listening to each other - Layers of narratives

Einander zuhören – Stadt-(Ge)Schichten is a project that invites artists, researchers and students to examin the relation between city residents and their urban environment. The ongoing project is being developed together with Goethe-Institut Athens and Fonés in in the frame of a locative media project with noTours and a sound cartography of Athens, creating interactive and site specific sound-narratives for a series of sound walks in the city.

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Wednesday 3 April 2013, by Maria Methymaki and George Koufakis

The configuration of the area around the Acropolis was designed by Greek architect Dimitris Pikionis. He understands the experience of walking as a necessity of the human physical existence. He writes, designs, manufactures, creates the material, creates the experience.

Today the use of water is hidden alongside trails. Water is a vital necessity. Human intervention in respect, it injects its core construction. The ever changing crystal structure, is influenced by the materials of the sounds and escapes from the environment itself, from which it derives. While the water like a timeless force formats in turn matter.

It is the crystal structure, an approach to the substance of his material existence?

How it is perceived today, the experience of walking within the ever-changing soundscape?

What is new narrative established?

Maria Methymaki is an architect, studied in NTUA (2006) and holds since then her own architectural office. Now is a senior student in School of Fine Arts in Athens, in section of sculpture. Also is interesting in scenography and performance.

George Koufakis is an architect, studied in NTUA (2004) and holds an M Phil (2008) an MSc (AA 2010). Now is a researcher in computational design as a PhD candidate in NTUA (2012)